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What’s better than reading about the greatest minds in STEM? Watching them as they work, plan and share the secrets of how to stay on top!
  • Teens and Adults Respond Differently to Stress
  • Teen Girl Creates 20 Second Cell Phone Charger
  • Hello Kitty In Space
  • Symphony of Science
  • Bed of Nails Science Experiment
  • Dry Ice Bubble
  • Where's Waldo of the Natural World
  • Caterina Fake: Tech Entrepreneur
  • Hedy Lamarr: Hollywood Inventor
  • Sally Ride: First American Woman in Space
  • Mae Jemison: Mini-bio
  • Lucy Bradshaw Talks Sim Social
  • Mary Lou Jepsen: Laptops for every child
  • NASA TV: Ellen Ochoa
  • Esther Takeuchi Receives Nation's Highest Tech Honor
  • Jane Goodall Interviewed by Angelina Jolie
  • Mayim Bialik
  • Charlie Rose: Marissa Mayer
  • Danica McKellar: Brains and Beauty
  • Girls Won at the Google Science Fair!
  • Science, It's a Girl Thing: Engineering
  • Passion for science - Jacqueline Chaparro Olaya from Colombia
  • Passion for Science: Analilia Arroyo Becerra from Mexico
  • Passion for Science: Chantal Farra from Lebanon
  • Girls in a Tech World: Endless Possibilities of Computer Science
  • Ph.Diva and the Mystery Band
  • Fun Facts: The Moon
  • Girls in STEM at the White House
  • Explainers as Designers
  • How Do Lenses Work?
  • The Soda Bottle Rocket
  • Liquid Nitrogen Karate Chop of Science
  • Explainer Adventure: Crow Canyon
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