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Category: Technology
Posted on: 03/01/2013
By: Alexis Jones

I decided some time back that regardless of other’s expectations, despite definitions of “normal” and the pressures to “fit in,” that I was going to author my own life. It was in college that I realized I was deeply passionate about story telling, and after graduation, I was lucky enough to find myself working at Fox and ESPN, covering college football. The thrill of the camera, the pervasiveness of technology and its ability to get a message out to such an enormous audience has remained an inspiration.

I’ve spent the past four years on the road, speaking to over 100,000 girls and it blows my mind that with the power of social media, these girls were able to get plugged in to our message and could connect with us from all over the country. We were able to build an army of girls, reaffirming that who they choose to be is exponentially more important than what they choose to do. As a motivational speaker, an author, an activist and as the founder of I AM THAT GIRL, I don’t think I would be where I am without the mobility and reach that technology and my computer (who I named Amelia, after my hero Amelia Earhart) has given me.

Recently, we had an opportunity to go to the White House to discuss creating healthy media through an interactive campaign we created called That Girl Rocks. We asked our audience to give a shout out to the most incredible girl in their life by submitting videos through our on-line platforms. Through the user-generated content we received, we were able to create the healthy media we had originally discussed with the First Lady.

Technology is currently the greatest way to communicate with our audience because youth are consuming over ten hours of media a day. We realized that between smartphones, iPads and computers, the best medium is to reach girls where they are hanging out the most, in their cyber living rooms. The instantaneousness of technology today allows our girls to be on the road with us, sitting in a conference with us or joining a conversation on-line in real time.

We live in such an exciting time and I’m passionate about S.T.E.M. because in all four arenas: science, technology, engineering and math, you have opportunities to author your own life, to be on the cutting edge of innovation and to use your skills to empower others and positively impact the world. We are a generation of girls driven by passion, by purpose, innovation and audacity; and in that space, nothing is impossible! #technologyROCKS


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