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Posted on: 02/15/2013
By: Rebecca Caruso

Welcome to our L’Oréal USA For Girls in Science website.  We are so excited to bring this amazing site to you so that you can see all the incredible accomplishments that women can achieve – and have achieved – in S.T.E.M (science, technology, engineering and math).  For Girls in Science brings science to life in a way that’s fun and interesting – and best of all, it shows you that science really is cool.  You can take an inside peek at women scientists on the job, get information about careers in science that might match your interests, learn about the incredible summer camps in science, technology, engineering and math and discover facts about S.T.E.M you never knew.

We’re particularly proud to be part of For Girls in Science at L’Oréal because science is so much a part of who we are.  L’Oréal was founded by a scientist over 100 years ago, and to date, more than half of our scientists are women.  We’ve got amazing women scientists -- some of whom are featured on this website -- chemists, biologists, anthropologists, engineers, toxicologists, almost every area of science that you can imagine.  And they love what they do!

Science is more than a white lab coat and microscope, it is everywhere around us.  Baking a cake?  That’s chemistry.  Figuring out how many tablespoons are in a cup?  That’s math.  Wake up to an alarm?  That’s technology.  Ride to school on the bus?  Engineering.  Think you can’t succeed in science?  That’s ridiculous!

Do you know a geneticist who is in a rock band?  I do.  Do you know an engineer who plays the violin?  I do.  Do you know a chemist who is also a flamenco dancer?  I do.  People in science come in all shapes and sizes.  They study things on the ground and in the air, in water, and in space.  They use all sorts of equipment that I can’t even pronounce that do incredibly cool things like measure the moisture in your skin or the amount of curl in your hair.  They’re passionate about finding out the answers to “why” and “what if”.  These amazing people have turned science into a career and still manage to have husbands and boyfriends and dogs and cats and parents and sisters and friends and interesting lives in and out of science.

Did you know that Albert Einstein’s nursemaid called him “the dopey one?”  One of his teachers predicted that he would never amount to much.  Another actually expelled him from school!  And yet he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922.  To date, 16 women scientists have joined that elite list of Nobel Prize winners starting with Marie Curie who first won it in 1903 and again in 1911.  So, don’t let anyone tell you that girls can’t do science.

People just like you are interested in creating and inventing things, learning how computers work, how bacteria talk to each other or how animals think.  Girls just like you dream of traveling to Mars or the Arctic or traveling through time.  So click through and take a peek. You just might find someone like you peeking back.


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