ForGirlsInScience.org isn’t just a website, it’s where budding scientists can learn about science in a fun and interactive way: hypothesize, experiment and draw exciting conclusions. They can connect with other girls who love science and share their ideas and dreams. They can be inspired by women who have dreamed, created and invented before them, discover the wide range of fields that fall under “science,” and find the tools and motivation needed to become scientists themselves. The result? A fun place where science doesn’t intimidate, but inspires and empowers girls of all ages to pursue their career goals in STEM.
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L’Oréal and the Science of Beauty At L’Oréal, we don’t just depend on science, we believe in science. It’s science that can turn the impossible into the possible, turn a dream into a reality, and in turn, reinvent our future. But none of this is conceivable without the curiosity and creativity of those behind the science: scientists themselves. They are the ones who dream and inspire. So why is there a shortage of women that pursue the field? That is why we at L’Oréal have created a community for girls who love science and a place for them to dream big. That place is For Girls in Science.

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STEM and Your World On its face, STEM is just an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. But look a little deeper! The fields that make up STEM have produced answers to profound universal questions; they’ve created thrill rides and special effects; they’ve saved precious plants and animals from extinction; they’ve led to important cures for debilitating diseases; and they’ve forever altered the way we communicate with one another (landline, cell phone, email, video chat, anyone?).
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